About us | Pro-Courier Service

At the end of the day, success in the immediate delivery business isn’t determined by trucks, vans, computers, or warehouse space – it is determined by the people who make use of those resources to provide superior services. For over a decade, we have built our business by meeting our commitments and doing right by our customers.

While 80% of our assignments are standard jobs, the remaining 20% have been tailored to meet specific needs of a particular client – a middle of the night emergency, assembling a trade show booth, making a quick cross-town delivery, staging a decorating job, doing PC swap outs, retailer “try-buys”, or unpacking / assembly – our positive, can do attitude makes us a partner that our clients can count on.

Courier is based in Orlando and offers ground service throughout Florida, the southeastern U.S. and air courier service nationally and internationally.

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