Commodity Collection: How to use it to your advantage

merchandise collection

One of the major problems of the logistics area is the delay in the collection of goods that is performed by some carriers.

Often, problems beyond internal control occur and eventually lead to delays, but when this becomes constant, some action is required.

The delay in collecting goods generates customer dissatisfaction when the product promised for a certain date does not reach its destination.

The customer bought from your company, not from the carrier, so they don’t care if the problem was due to the carrier or not.

Another problem that is also common when delayed collection is the lack of space in the logistics area to maneuver other goods, since those that need to be dispatched are waiting in the warehouse.

But, not everything is a problem. You can use merchandise collection for your business. Keep reading this post and learn how!

How to avoid inconvenience in collecting goods?

Sometimes the collection of goods cannot be performed due to internal problems of the sending company.

Some precautions can be taken to prevent this from happening:

Have an on-site boarding officer present 

In some cases doubts arise from the carrier and it is not possible to locate the person responsible for this task, which ends up delaying or postponing the dispatch of products.

If the person in charge is not on site, it is important to let someone know the whole process to answer questions and to be online for any queries.

Proper packing

It is essential that the goods are packed and identified to avoid inconvenience.

Be sure to arrange these tasks at the time the carrier comes to collect the goods.

The rush enables chances of errors and product changes. 

Therefore, before calling the carrier for collection leave everything packed and properly identified, as well as separate the tax documents that need to accompany the goods.

Seeking carriers that comply with agreements

Another important point, which needs to be checked in advance, is the valuation and shipping quotation for the goods that need to be dispatched.

This requires some time for the logistics manager to evaluate, choose, negotiate and hire the best transport option to meet demand.

Beyond the value of freight, which is critical to the success of the operation, it is essential to know how the carrier works in terms of delivery time and quality of services performed.

The carrier will be judged by your customer and the attitudes and quality of services will be credited to your company, so the care with whom you hire is a very important part of the success and customer experience.

Tracking the delivery process

It is essential that the logistics area has the possibility of tracking the dispatched goods .

Any traffic problem may be previously communicated to the customer who is waiting for the products, demonstrating professionalism and transparency in the process.

In addition, the logistics area needs to monitor the level and satisfaction of the services provided by the contracted carrier and especially the cases where problems have arisen, understand the reasons and the speed with which they have been resolved. 

It is therefore important that the carrier provide some form of online tracking so that your company, and even the end customer, can track and monitor delivery.

Quality in goods collection and delivery

If you do not have staff available for these tasks but know the importance of how these processes work, you can count on the Pro Courier Srevice platform.

Through this solution, in addition to obtaining the best options in terms of freight values, the entire follow-up service is performed by the platform itself, through a specialized team, and the collection of loads is scheduled automatically.

Through it, you can follow each step of online delivery, quickly and simply. Visit the  Pro Courier Srevice website and make a quote, take care of your core business and leave the logistics to us!

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